How to Back Up a Website

You can back up the data for each of the websites in your WatchTowerHQ account as long as they aren't behind a password-protected entity (such as Wix or Squarespace) and they're not set up with higher-level security SSH keys.

How to Backup Your Websites

1) When Adding a website click on Backups

OR if you already added a website and want to add backups then click on Edit

2) At the bottom of the form, notice the Backups slider. You'll need to toggle this to "on" in order to access the backup settings

This is what the screen looks like with Backups turned off. You'll need to tur

3) Click on the Backups tab to set up FTP information.


Connection Type

Select whether or not your connection type will be FTP or SFTP


Let WatchTowerHQ know whether or not this will be an SSL connection. Some web hosts do not support this option, so checking this information beforehand is important.


Refers to the website's IP address, which can be found on the hosting account (e.g., GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc.).

Username & Password 

The credentials that correspond to your site's hosting account.

File Path 

Indicates where you'd like the initial file path to start (or the root) in your website's file system


Once done, be sure to save your changes using the "+ Save Changes" button.

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