How to Run Bulk Data Reports

Bulk reports provide an overview of the current data recorded for your a particular site, including each plugin and theme version.

On the  Website page, click on the name of the website that you would like to receive a report.
Click on the "Export Overview" button.

Download Bulk Overview Report

If you'd like to download the report, simply click the blue "Export" button.
A new page should open containing the PDF of your report, you can click the download button in the upper right corner (white arrow pointing downward) to save it locally.

E-mailing Bulk Overview Report

If you'd like to e-mail the bulk overview report, then toggle the "Send to e-mail" slider to "Yes" and fill in the desired e-mail.
Toggle the "With custom content" slider to "Yes" if you'd like to add a custom subject line and message.
Once done, click the blue "Export" button to send.

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