How to Send Audit & Update Reports and Export Settings

WatchTowerHQ enables you to perform bulk actions on multiple websites at once - including sending website audits, update reports, and even exporting your settings. 

Send Audit & Update Reports or Download Settings Export

On the Websites page, click on the "Bulk Actions" button.
A menu should appear with three black buttons: "Audit Report", "Update Report", and "Settings Export".

Notice the white checkbox that appears at the top of each website's box; you can check each individual site that you'd like to receive a report on or you can check "Select All". You can't send a report unless you have selected at least one website.
If you'd like to filter your sites, you can use the dropdown menu (set as "Name" by default) and select a parameter. Then, type in the corresponding name, company, or other input to narrow down your results.
Once all desired sites are selected, you can click on one of "Audit Report" or "Update Report" to receive a report in your email or "Settings Export" to download your WatchTowerHQ account settings information.
Note: The  Audit Report  and  Update Report  will be exported by email, however,  Settings Export  is only available as a download.

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