Understanding Web Page Test

Web Page Test offers analytics that can be helpful while troubleshooting and preventing potential issues with a site.

Accessing Web Page Test

  • To find the Web Page Test, you first need to navigate to the Websites page and select a desired website
  • Once in the website's overview, click on the Web Page Test tab

A Closer Look at Web Page Test

  • Speed Index: The average time it takes for visible parts of the page to be displayed (in milliseconds). Note that the repeat tends to be faster, this is due to the page being cached
  • CDN: Percentage of files that are on a content delivery network
  • Compress: The percentage of files that are compressed
  • GZip: Percentage of files that are GZip
  • Cache: The amount of files that have been stored for faster retrieval within the browser's cache

  • Image Optimization Chart: Offers a visual of what images may need to be reformatted or compressed to improve performance
  • Connection View: This chart gives information on the connection status (DNS lookup, SSL negotiation) as well as the type of resource requested (image, html, etc.)
  • Waterfall: The Waterfall shows similar information as the Connection View but goes a bit more in-depth. It can offer a view of any hiccups on the site and can potentially help when troubleshooting slow site speed among other issues

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