How to Manage User Permissions

You can change a user's permissions and other settings at any time.

Changing a User's Permissions

Changing individual user's permissions:

Click on your profile image (if no image is set, then this will be your initials) and click on "Settings". Once there, go to the  User Accounts tab.
Select the user that you would like to adjust permissions for and click on the "Edit" pencil icon. Check the user's account role at the top. If you want to change the user's permissions without affecting other users, you can change the user's role by clicking on the dropdown selections.
If you want the user's permissions to be different from other users, then you will need to create a new role. Check out our guide, How to Create a User Role, for steps.

In addition to changing the user's permissiong (by changing the user's role) you can also:

  • Add or remove customers assigned to the user.
  • Or, disable the user's account. This will allow the user to account to remain in WatchTowerHQ but will prevent the user from logging in and accessing anything until you enable their account again.
Once done, click "Update User" to save.

You can also manage the permissions of an entire user role. In this case, we want everyone with the role "Restricted" to experience the same changes, so we will change the role's permissions:

Navigate to the User Roles tab and find the corresponding user role.
Click on the "Edit" (pencil icon) next to the corresponding role you would like to update. Then select the permissions you would like to change.
Once done making changes, click the "Edit Role" button to save all changes.

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