User Permissions Overview

It's important to look closely at the User Account Permissions as some of these will involve allowing a user to access and even edit sensitive information. Be sure to review this information before creating or inviting a new user to your account.

Website Permissions

Each of the website permissions pertains to the Websites page and the settings associated with each individual website that is managed in your account.

Customer Permissions

Each of these settings are related to your customers. 

  • Checking any of these boxes will allow the user to create, update, delete, view, or export a customer. 
  • If you'd like the user to be able to view the customers without the ability to do anything else, simply check the "View" box. 

Tool Permissions

These permissions are generally left out for regular users and reserved for admin accounts.

  • Selecting any of these boxes allows the user account to edit the bulk commands
  • For instance, allowing a user to access "Bulk Notifications" will give them permission to edit the bulk notification settings 

Settings Permissions

The settings permissions allow the user to access other settings in your WatchTowerHQ account such as:

  • The ability to view, update, add, or delete a Google Analytics Key. 
  • The ability to view, update, add, or delete other users.
  • The ability to update and view the api.

Team Permissions

Team permissions give users the ability to create, edit, and/or delete teams. Unsure of what teams are? 

Backup Permissions

Giving a user backup permissions will allow them to show, make, download and remove backups as well as edit the Malware alerts.

Domain Tools Permissions

Granting a user permission to any of the actions involved with domain tools corresponds to the Domain Tools page (which can be found at the top of WatchTowerHQ in the blue navigation bar). 

  • If you do not want the user to be able to perform any actions with domain tools, but you'd like them to be able to view this page, select the "View" box.

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