How to Update WordPress Plugins and Themes

You can update CMS plugins and themes individually or using the bulk update tool.

Individually Update CMS Plugins and Themes

On the Websites page, click on the title of the website that contains the plugin(s) or theme that needs to be updated. Then click on the Plugins or Themes tab.
Filter your results by "Updates Available" .
Click on the blue Update button to install the latest version of the plugin or theme.

Bulk Update CMS Plugins

To update multiple plugins at once, click on the Bulk dropdown menu in the blue navigation bar at the top of the page and select Plugins.
Check the desired plugins that you would like to update using the empty white boxes. If you'd like to update them all, select the check box at the top.

Note: If you'd like to set up automated updates, you can find steps to do so in Setting Up Automated CMS, Plugin and Theme Updates.

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