Notification Management

Each of the items in the WatchTowerHQ dashboard have associated notifications that can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

  • On the Websites page, click on the desired website
  • Once there, click the "Other Actions" button. A dropdown menu should appear; select "Notification Settings"

Notifications Settings Overview

  • Name: Indicates the name of the feature
  • Comparison: Compares a previous condition of a particular feature (e.g., Comments Count) with a customizable condition (e.g., "If the number of comments have increased by 20, send a notification")
  • Trigger Value: A metric that determines what needs to occur for a notification to be executed; used in conjunction with comparison
  • Via Email: When set to "On", sends a notification by email to the account owner
  • Dashboard: When set to "On", displays a notification in the WatchTowerHQ dashboard
  • Via Zapier: If you have set up a Zapier integration (for instance, with Slack), then this will allow a notification to be sent through your desired method.
  • Additional Emails: Fill in the space with any email accounts that you'd like to notify in addition to the account owner, this may be a client or an employee who doesn't currently receive notifications.

Example of Notification Setup

  • Taking a look at Desktop Speed Score, we can set the Trigger Value to "40"
  • After we fill in the space with "40", we can set Via Email and Dashboard to "On"
  • Now, we will receive a notification by email and on the WatchTowerHQ dashboard each time the Desktop Speed Score is below 40

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