How to Add a New Website

To set up a new site, you'll need to know the site's root domain and the company associated with it. Additionally, access to the site's Google Analytics and CMS accounts may be needed as well.

How To Add A New Website

From the WatchTowerHQ Dashboard, you'll need to click on Websites.
Then click on the "+ Add Website" button on the top right of the Websites page. An "Add Website" form should appear.
Fill out all information related to the website so that WatchTowerHQ can monitor the site effectively:
  • Tags 
    • An identifier that you can use to filter your websites. Note: you will need to create a tag before you can select it from this list. For more information on creating tags here.
  • Name 
    • The root domain of the URL. For instance, if your site is then the name of the site is: WatchTowerHQ.
  • Customer 
    • The entity or individual associated with the website.
  • CMS Client Installed? 
  • URL 
    • This field needs to include http or https in order to properly connect to the site. An example of a valid URL looks like this:
  • Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics to monitor traffic, the slider should be set "on" and the view ID will need to be pasted from the site's Analytics account. Check out How to Set Up Google Analytics for a step-by-step overview on how this is done.
Customize the services needed for website monitoring:
  • Screenshots 
    • WatchTowerHQ will capture an image of the home page of the website at a specified interval (recommended to do so daily). If you have enabled Screenshots, then you also have the option of enabling Screenshots Full. Which captures a full-screen image of the page past the fold, which includes content that wouldn't normally be seen unless the user scrolled. You also have the ability to capture screenshots of subpages of site as well. For help configuring the screenshot settings, check out How to Configure Screenshot Settings.
  • Backups 
    • Saves a copy of the site's data on a daily basis in the cloud. The data is backed up on a daily basis and is stored for one year. For more information, check out How to Back Up a Website.
  • Speed Score 
    • Tracks how quickly your site loads on desktop and mobile and offers opportunity suggestions to improve the site's speed. Once you turn the Speed Score to "on", WatchTowerHQ begins tracking this data. This allows you to see how the site performance has improved or declined over time. Note: WatchTowerHQ cannot aggregate historical data prior to the date that Speed Score tracking was set "on".
  • Vulnerable Plugin Scan 
    • WatchTowerHQ compares your WordPress plugins to the WPScan database for any that have not been updated in the past year. Any that have a published issue will cause a bug icon to display in the Plugins tab of your website. You can click the bug to learn more and address the issue.
When all the information is filled out, click "Add Website" to save.

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